Coffee Table

I love applying what I have recently learned to new projects. My roots are in machining, but when I moved into the architectural metalwork world, as a developer and manager, I learned how to utilize new tools. So my obvious next step was to apply the knowledge to a personal project.

This coffee table involves millwork, waterjet cutting, machining, welding, finishing, and patina work. Everything being carefully designed before hitting the floor to build it.

Now finished, this sturdy table sits in a living room. If you like it, consider one -- studio.

Anthracite Display

The first picture is anthracite, otherwise known as coal.

Destined for a gallery, the client's display concept was modeled to standardize dimensionality and finalize the build method. The final product are these assembly drawings, detail drawings and layouts for fabrication. Using predominantly stainless steel sheet and tubing, pieces were cut and welded together to hang from the ceiling and have solenoid clamps on either side to engage the mineral.